Buying a CryptoBond


Buying a CryptoBond on OpenSea

Select Sign In from OpenSea's menu and then chose your preferred Web3 wallet
In OpenSea search for "CryptoBonds" or go to SYNC's official page. This will take you to the official SYNC OpenSea page where you can buy, or bid on a CryptoBond
SYNC Network official OpenSea account

Purchasing a CryptoBond

Now that you have successfully found SYNC's official Opensea store you may now purchase a CryptoBond
Note: If you are not familiar with OpenSea, check out their FAQ to get a better understanding. Here is a quick excerpt from OpenSea's FAQ page.
How do I make an offer for an item I want to buy?
See an item you'd like to buy? Simply click the "Make an Offer", which will allow you to specify the price you're willing to buy the item. By bidding like this, you will automatically pay for this item if the owner accepts your offer, unless you cancel it. Read more about how this is useful on our blog.
If you're bidding for the first time, there will be a few preliminary steps before you can submit your offer. While these steps may be a little cumbersome, keep in mind these will only happen once! You will need to:
    Wrap your ETH with W-ETH (wrapped Ether) using the W-ETH station on the right hand side in the bid flow.
2. Approve the exchange to access your W-ETH.
Both of these will require submitting transactions to the blockchain, but after that submitting an offer does not require gas! Each time you want to bid, you simply sign a message which specifies the price you'd like to purchase the item at.
Danger: Before you purchase make sure to check the CryptoBond for authenticity, use the steps below to confirm the CryptoBond information.

Confirming a CryptoBond Authenticity


Displays the created by "user", and general bond information (i.e 360-day SYNC/ETH CryptoBond at 111.38% -- 16.339509 of SYNC/ETH and §6176.9405697910515)
OpenSea Market "CryptoBond Details"


Liquidity pair, Term, Bond Type
OpenSea Market "CryptoBond Properties"


Percentage of yield
OpenSea Market "CryptoBond Stats"


OpenSea Market "CryptoBond Boosts"


CryptoBond Creation and Date of Maturity
OpenSea Market "CryptoBond Dates"


CryptoBond collection description

Chain Info

Contract Address: {erc20 token contract}
Token ID (Bond #): This should match the exact number on the CryptoBond
Purchasing a CryptoBond on OpenSea

Once you feel comfortable go ahead and purchase your new CryptoBond and join the Team

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