NeonRain: NFT Marketplace

Learn all about NeonRain, the NFT marketplace governed by the Syncronauts DAO.

Enter NeonRain

NeonRain is the community-owned, decentralized social NFT marketplace open for anyone and anything.

It’s a place where people come together and build strong bonds without restrictions. Ultimately, NeonRain’s future is shaped by the consensus of the DAO, and not by a management team.

  • Governed by the Syncronauts DAO

  • Powered by the SYNC token

  • Funded and under active development

  • Beta is about to launch in a few weeks

What Makes NeonRain Different?

A lot. We're combining proven methods with new ways to provide a better web3 experience for everyone.

NeonRain brings social interactions to NFT marketplaces

  • Follow users and projects to track their activities

  • Chat directly with other users on the marketplace

  • Comment on any NFTs and collections

  • Send updates only visible to specific NFT holders

NeonRain gives NFT artists what they deserve

  • Personalize your profile page and highlight your favorite NFTs

  • Increase your visibility using NeonRain’s NFT launchpad RainDrops

  • Build an additional income stream with NeonRain’s referral system RainMaker

  • Simply share your profile page and get rewarded every time a referred user trades

NeonRain focuses on next-level user experience

  • NeonRain is chain agnostic and starts with Ethereum, Arbitrum, and Polygon (With PulseChain, Optimism, Flow, and more to follow)

  • Browse NFTs on different blockchains without switching networks

  • Benefit from features and improvements based on community feedback

  • Unlock achievement badges by interacting with NeonRain's RainProof, similar to Superhosts from AirBnB

  • Protect yourself from impersonating scammers as they don’t have your badges

NeonRain is DAO owned and governed since day zero

  • Own at least one of the 777 Genesis Syncronaut NFTs to become a DAO member

  • Earn on the revenue generated by the marketplace, as 100% goes back to the DAO

  • Create the NFT marketplace you wish for by proposing and voting for new features

Please be aware that not every feature will be available at launch. They’ll be added over time, based on community demand.

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