Welcome to SYNC Network
Official SYNC Network documentation, last updated Jan 2022
GM dear space traveler, you've come to the right place. This documentation will guide you through the SYNC Network ecosystem, consisting of two DAOs that govern specific parts of it. You'll find all information related to understanding and using the DeFi & NFT products as well as participating in the governance of the DAOs.
The following chart shows the SYNC Network ecosystem and what product belongs to which DAO.
Below you'll find important links and resources related to the SYNC Network.

SYNC Network DAO

CryptoBond Website: Learn more about the revolutionary CryptoBond NFTs
SYNC Staking dApp: Create CryptoBond NFTs to stake and maximize your SYNC return
SYNC P2P Lending dApp: Borrow and lend CryptoBond NFTs
SYNC Network DAO Snapshot: Read and vote on official SYNC Network DAO proposals

Syncronauts DAO

Syncronauts Website: The official Syncronauts website
Syncronauts DAO Snapshot: Read and vote on official Syncronauts DAO proposals
Syncronauts Space Vault: The Community Treasury run via Gnosis Safe
Syncronauts Rarity Checker: We've partnered with freshdrops as our first rarity checker

Social Media

Discord: Join and vibe with the SYNC Network community on Discord
Twitter (SYNC Network): Follow the official SYNC Network Twitter account
Twitter (Syncronauts): Follow the Twitter account run by the Syncronauts community
Twitter (CryptoBond Bot): Track any CryptoBond activities
Telegram: Join the official Telegram server
Reddit: Engage with SYNC Network on reddit
Instagram: Follow SYNC Network on Instagram
Youtube: Watch the latest live stream recordings on Youtube
Interview with CryptoGenik, Co-Founder of SYNC Network, by Crypto Current
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