Buying a CryptoBond

Buying a CryptoBond on Rarible

Select Sign In from Rarible's menu and then chose your preferred Web3 wallet.

In Rarible, search for "CryptoBonds" or go to SYNC's official page. This will take you to the official SYNC Rarible page where you can buy, sell or bid on a CryptoBond.

SYNC Network's official Rarible account

Purchasing a CryptoBond

Now that you have successfully found SYNC's official Rarible store you may now purchase a CryptoBond

Note: If you are not familiar with Rarible, check out their FAQ to get a better understanding. Here is a quick excerpt from Rarible's FAQ page.

Once you've connected a wallet, how do you make a purchase?

You have connected your wallet and now you're ready to buy some NFTs, what do you do? There are a few different ways that you'll be able to start collecting tokens. Placing a bid

When you would like to place a bid to collect a token, you'll receive the following screen. This will provide a breakdown of how much exactly you will need to pay once your bid has been accepted by the seller. You will have to deposit wETH via a transaction that converts your selected quantity of ETH to wETH. Once that transaction has been accepted, you'll receive two more requests to sign to the blockchain and push through your bid.

A timed auction will continue until the expiration for the auction has been reached. Once ended, the highest bidder will win the token! Please note that if you place a bid and win the auction, the seller will still have to accept your bid. You are not able to cancel your bid once it has been placed.

Purchasing at a fixed price

You are able to make purchases at fixed rates instead of through an auction system. This is dependent on the seller and how they have chosen to list their token. In these cases, you only have the option to select the quantity (if applicable) of editions that you would like to purchase. You will receive one transaction notification to your wallet to confirm your purchase. Once processed, you will own that token!

Danger: Before you purchase make sure to check the CryptoBond for authenticity, use the steps below to confirm the CryptoBond information.

Confirming a CryptoBond Authenticity


Displays a short description of a Cryptobonds. Creator is "user", and the collection.


Liquidity pair, Rarity, Term, & Bond Type


Only available on ETH

Once you feel comfortable go ahead and purchase your new CryptoBond and join the Team

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