NeonRain FAQ

Find answers to the most frequently asked questions about NeonRain.
How can I join NeonRain?
Can my collection be taken down like seen on Opensea?
Will there be a specific marketplace token?
Will there be multichain support?
What are NFT Collection Lists?
How can I create a NFT Collection List?
If I want to create a NFT Collection List, will I have to start from scratch?
Will artists be able to add themselves to collection lists?
What are the social aspects of NeonRain?
What is the comment feature on NeonRain?
What about user profiles on NeonRain?
How can I tell a collection/artist is trustworthy?
How to search for collections on NeonRain?
How can artists be discovered on NeonRain? What is RainDrops?
What is the referral system RainMaker?
How can I add my collections to NeonRain?
What Smart Contracts can be used on NeonRain?
Will there be a lazy minting option (no gas) on NeonRain?
Will NeonRain support dynamic/animated NFTs?