NeonRain FAQ

Find answers to the most frequently asked questions about NeonRain.

How can I join NeonRain?

It's simple. Go to the website, connect your wallet, create and personalize your profile and build a following. Everyone is free to join; there is no gatekeeping, no signup process, or KYC. NeonRain is fully decentralized.

Connect your wallet and create an account. It's as easy as that.

Can my collection be taken down like seen on Opensea?

NeonRain is a decentralized platform, so users are responsible for what they do and buy. Of course, we need to remove illegal things (like harming children, terrorism, etc.), but there are no restrictions. Responsible for removing harmful and illegal NFTs is a group of people from the DAO, so it's also a decentralized process.

Will there be a specific marketplace token?

You won't need a specific token to use NeonRain. However, you can use the SYNC token to unlock specific features on NeonRain and get discounted prices on our NFT Launchpad RainDrops.

The token you receive after an NFT sale depends on the token for which the NFT was sold. Your payment transfers instantly, with no time delay.

Will there be multichain support?

Yes, NeonRain will support multiple chains. At launch, this will be Ethereum, Arbitrum and Polygon. We'll add PulseChain once it's launched, and we're looking into other chains too.

On other platforms, you switch networks in Metamask, which switches the collection on the marketplace. Or it's all clustered in one view with little icons for different chains.

NeonRain is taking a different approach: There will be tabs you can use to switch between chains without changing networks in Metamask. Switching the network in Metamask is required only for buying, bidding, and transferring.

What are NFT Collection Lists?

Collection lists are decentralized lists of projects/collections that improve trust in the NFT space. Think about it as lists of trusted collections. Collection lists align with our decentralized approach because independent people worldwide can create and maintain their own lists.

Here are two scenarios to explain how useful they will be:

Scenario 1: You want to buy a Syncronaut

You search for "Syncronauts" on all existing marketplaces and find a few collections. Only one of them is the real, trusted one. The other collections are scams. How do you know which collection is the real one?

On NeonRain, you may find a few Syncronaut collections too, but only one is in the official "SYNC collection list". It may as well be in a list called "DAOs" and in another one called "Community lead projects".

The more lists a collection appears on, the higher the authenticity score. So as an artist, you want your collections to be on reputable lists to reach a higher trust level. However, it's essential to understand that we can't prevent fraudulent lists as it is a decentralized marketplace; it's up to the user to decide what lists to trust.

Scenario 2: You want to look for landscape photography NFTs

How do you find such collections?

On NeonRain, artists will be able to add their collection to lists and add specific tags like "landscape photography". In addition, you'll be able to browse the marketplace by selecting specific lists and/or tags to find what you're looking for.

As the Syncronauts DAO, we are working towards establishing NFT Collection Lists as a standard in the NFT space because it increases discoverability, authenticity and trust.

How can I create a NFT Collection List?

If you are a partner platform with many collections in one list that should be updated automatically, you will need coding experience to implement it. There is solid documentation, and it takes one developer just a few hours to create a large updateable list.

We are looking to have a simple tool that supports the process of creating small lists for individuals.

If I want to create a NFT Collection List, will I have to start from scratch?

You can "fork" a collection list. You can use an existing list and basically copy & paste collections (contract addresses) to your list.

Will artists be able to add themselves to collection lists?

The creator of a list can add/delete anyone they want to their list. An artist can create their own list but cannot simply add their collections to any list themselves.

What are the social aspects of NeonRain?

You will be able to build a following and send posts to specific groups like your followers or holders of your NFTs. So Discord or Twitter is no longer required to stay up to date for holders. This way, artists and large collections can reach all their holders via one platform.

NeonRain will also have a comment feature where you can leave your thoughts on an NFT or chat with others about it.

What is the comment feature on NeonRain?

We believe that the deeper conversation around art is missing in the current space. Collectors want to share their views and explore art with others. On NeonRain, everyone can leave a comment on an NFT, which allows actual conversations around the art.

  • Follow conversations/threads to stay up to date.

  • Up- or downvote comments, so the most helpful ones stay on top, and trolls hit the floor.

  • Disable comments if you don't want to show them on your NFT.

  • Comments transfer along when the NFT changes the owner.

What about user profiles on NeonRain?

Your profile on NeonRain will be customizable. You can share all relevant information about you and your art and showcase your favorite NFTs on your profile. Your NFT collection will be more organized; not everything gathered in one screen like it's done on other marketplaces.

How can I tell a collection/artist is trustworthy?

With RainProof, users (profiles) will be able to collect badges for specific activities like the number of sold items, transaction volume, sweeping the floor, and many other things.

This way, you can see the achievements of a user/artist/collection and tell if they are trustworthy. A scammer wouldn't have the badges, so you could easily spot them.

The second attempt to bring more trust to the NFT space is are NFT Collection Lists, which you can find above.

How to search for collections on NeonRain?

Users will be able to browse the marketplace by selecting specific NFT Collection Lists or searching by tags like "landscape photography". The search function includes tags, as long as they are provided within the selected NFT Collection Lists.

Also, NeonRain's statistic page will show the trading activity of specific tags (not a day one feature).

How can artists be discovered on NeonRain? What is RainDrops?

RainDrops is a NFT Launchpad that helps you launch your NFT collection and add it to the official RainDrops Collection List. The Syncronauts DAO community will check and approve collections that applied for RainDrops. Once your collection gets approved, users can see it in the RainDrops calendar as an upcoming drop. This will help you gain visibility and kickstart your new collection. Additionally, we'll provide options to promote your art.

What is the referral system RainMaker?

A: Earn crypto simply by sharing your profile link and get rewards from every referred new user whenever they trade - for life.

Your NeonRain profile link also acts as a referral link. That means we reward you for bringing new users to NeonRain. You'll get 20% of the 2% platform fees whenever a referred user trades. And it won't stop here! Once you've brought a new user, this will be locked into our system, and you'll earn on every subsequent trade. Forever.

  • Fully automated through Smart Contracts

  • NeonRain will drop rewards into your wallet instantly upon trade

  • Received token depends on what was used for the trade

You will see real-time updates on referred users and earned rewards on your personal dashboard.

We believe that the referral structure has massive potential: for example, artists can put their NeonRain profile link on their Twitter bio and build another income stream from referral trades.

How can I add my collections to NeonRain?

It's as simple as copying & pasting the contract address to your NeonRain user profile to claim ownership of your collection. Single NFTs in your wallet are detected when connecting your wallet and can instantly be listed on NeonRain.

What Smart Contracts can be used on NeonRain?

All ERC 721 and 1155 compatible NFTs should work.

For example, collections generated on Manifold are standard and will work with no problem.

Will there be a lazy minting option (no gas) on NeonRain?

Lazy minting on OpenSea is based on a Smart Contract which is not approved. We basically have no idea what they are doing. Buying an NFT that has been lazy minted costs more fees. The minting cost is pushed to the buyer's side; that's how it gets cheaper for the artist.

We don't think this is fair, and it also may result in a lot of spam NFTs, so we won't support a lazy minting feature on NeonRain. But we will support Arbitrum with very low gas fees. That way, artists can have a very cheap entry.

Will NeonRain support dynamic/animated NFTs?

Yes, full support. If you have dynamic NFTs in your wallet they will automatically show up on NeonRain.

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