Your Collection on NeonRain

Bring your new and existing collections to NeonRain in a few simple steps.

Most of us have existing collections across multiple platforms. With NeonRain, you can import these collections and display them all together. So, no more platform hopping is required to discover your entire collection!

Import your existing collection to NeonRain

Once you are on the NeonRain website, follow these steps:

  1. Connect your wallet (make sure it's the wallet you've used to create your collection)

  2. To present your collection in the best way on NeonRain, click "update the collection details now"

  3. On the "Update Collection" page, add as many details as possible to make your collection appealing to others, increasing the chance of getting sales

  4. After clicking "Submit" or "Update", you'll get a signature request and a transaction if you set/change the royalties. After a short moment, your collection page will load

  5. Congratulations, you've successfully imported your collection to NeonRain!

How to Get Your Smart Contract Address

If you didn't mint using your own Smart Contract and therefore don't know your Smart Contract address, you can get it using a blockchain analysis tool like Etherscan. There are multiple ways to get there. Here's an example using Foundation.

  1. Open your collection page on Foundation

  2. Click on any artwork from the collection

Remember to bring your community to NeonRain as you'll benefit not only from your direct sales, but also from any trades made by your referred users. How does it work? Learn more about RainMaker here.

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