Maturing a CryptoBond

When a bond matures, liquidity tokens are returned, the original amount of SYNC is returned plus SYNC mining rewards, and all Uniswap fees are still the holder’s to keep


Connecting your wallet

Select connect from the main menu and then chose your preferred Web3 wallet

Maturing a CryptoBond

On the top menu bar, hover over and select My Portfolio

Once there you will see all Bonds that you own on your address

Find the Bond that you would like to mature

Some CryptoBonds that are ready for Maturation will have a "Mature" stamp

Before you mature your bond make sure you understand the total value

Current LPT Value at Maturity

  • LPT (Liquidity Pair Token)

  • Current LPT value = (Token) + SYNC (equal values)

  • Example: $600 ETH + $600 SYNC

Not all LPT will be ETH+SYNC! Refer back to your bond for information

Current SYNC Value at Maturity

  • The value of your SYNC currently locked in the bond

This number will fluctuate depending on market value of SYNC. The number only applies If your bond were to mature today

Current Total Value at Maturity

  • The total value of all blocks

    • LPT + SYNC

  • Example: $1,237.78 LPT + $3,156.01 = $4,393.79 Total value

Once your ready select "Mature"


You have just redeemed your CryptoBond 🤘

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