Important Links

Find all important links and resources related to the SYNC Network ecosystem in one place.

SYNC Network DAO

CryptoBond Website: Learn more about the revolutionary CryptoBond NFTs
SYNC Staking dApp: Create CryptoBond NFTs to stake and maximize your SYNC return
SYNC P2P Lending dApp: Borrow and lend CryptoBond NFTs
SYNC Network DAO Snapshot: Read and vote on official SYNC Network DAO proposals
NFT Collection Lists: A community-led initiative to improve discoverability, reputation and trust in NFT Collection lists

SYNC Token

CoinMarketCap: Check the SYNC token on CoinMarketCap
CoinGecko: Check the SYNC token on CoinGecko
Nomics: Check the SYNC token on Nomics
DEXTools: Check the SYNC token on DEXTools
1inch: Buy SYNC token using 1inch

Syncronauts DAO

Syncronauts Website: The official Syncronauts website
Syncronauts DAO Snapshot: Read and vote on official Syncronauts DAO proposals
Syncronauts DAO Treasury: The Syncronauts DAO Treasury run via Gnosis Safe
Syncronauts Rarity Checker: We've partnered with freshdrops as our first rarity checker
Genesis Syncronauts OS: Buy Genesis Syncronaut NFTs on OpenSea
Genesis Syncronauts LR: Buy Genesis Syncronaut NFTs on LooksRare

Social Media

Discord: Join and vibe with the SYNC Network community on Discord
Twitter (SYNC Network): Follow the official SYNC Network Twitter account
Twitter (Syncronauts): Follow the Twitter account run by the Syncronauts community
Twitter (CryptoBond Bot): Track any CryptoBond activities
Telegram: Join the official Telegram server
Reddit: Engage with SYNC Network on reddit
Youtube: Watch the latest live stream recordings on Youtube