Syncronauts DAO

Learn all about the awesome Syncronauts and how you can become one yourself.

Meet the Syncronauts DAO

In October 2021, the Syncronauts DAO was born to build decentralized solutions for a better web3 experience, helping people suffering from restrictions and bans imposed by centralized players.

Together, the Syncronauts DAO builds and governs NeonRain, the community-owned, decentralized social NFT marketplace open for anyone and anything.

By holding one or more of the 777 Genesis Syncronaut NFTs, you’ll become a member of the Syncronauts DAO. This allows you to team up with other web3 enthusiasts and influence the future of the DAO by performing certain tasks and participating in governance decisions on how the Syncronauts Treasury funds will be used. This comes with several opportunities and benefits:

  • Community first: Feel at home amongst experienced DeFi and NFT enthusiasts

  • Feature requests: Propose new features and improvements for NeonRain

  • Real engagement: Contribute actively and shape the DAO in your area of expertise

  • Shared fees: Earn fees generated by the collectively created Syncronauts web3 solutions

  • Early access: Enjoy future products emerging from the Syncronauts DAO

  • Partnerships: Benefit from exclusive deals with our partners

Get the Most by Joining the Syncronauts

By owning a Syncronaut NFT (LooksRare or OpenSea) you’ll get access to exclusive channels like the Space Bar located on our Discord server. There we chat about ongoing proposals, newest developments and may share high-value insights, like “wen NeonRain”.

Follow our main Twitter account SYNCTOKEN and the community-run Syncronauts to stay up to date.

Behind the Scenes

To understand the thought process behind the Syncronauts, please read our fellow Syncronaut Unchained Ninja's NFT Guide "Key Elements of Successful NFT Collectibles Explained".

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