NFT Collection Lists

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An NFT Collection List Standard

TL; DR Collection Lists are multiple cross-referenced lists of contract addresses to verify the NFT collection you're looking at is the correct one by multiple 3rd parties.

NFT Collection Lists is a community-led initiative to improve discoverability, reputation and trust in NFTs. Decentralized maintenance of lists with reputable NFT collections provides users with guidance to help them distinguish legitimate projects from malicious actors. Therefore, an NFT project on multiple lists is more trustworthy than one that does not appear anywhere.

SYNC Network’s NFT Collection Lists is a modified form of the Uniswap ERC20 token JSON schema standard that enables exactly this, built specifically for the needs of NFT projects. Projects can encode lists of reputable tokens in a machine-readable way, and anyone can make a list. These lists can then be imported into the NeonRain NFT marketplace, where end-users benefit.

We imagine NFT Collection Lists being an important building block for the Ethereum ecosystem to self-govern reputation around NFT collections. So, we hope to see them being used in other projects, as well as an ecosystem of tools, dashboards, and discussion forums to emerge around them.

Please head over to to learn more or even create your own NFT collection list.

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