Learn the most important about CryptoBonds quickly in a nutshell.

CryptoBonds in a Nutshell

SYNC Network incentivizes liquidity providers with tradable high reward-generating NFTs called CryptoBonds for locking up their liquidity pool tokens.

  • DeFi and NFTs United: Maximize your financial opportunity via CryptoBonds, a brand new asset class that combines DeFi and NFT mechanics in a revolutionary way

  • True High-Value NFTs: By locking your liquidity pool tokens and an equal amount of SYNC ERC-20 tokens, you’ll create a unique CryptoBond ERC-721 NFT that contains all said tokens

  • Long-Term Incentives: Lock your liquidity pool tokens within a CryptoBond NFT between 90 days and 3 years, the longer the more SYNC rewards you’ll earn on top of your Uniswap fees

  • Tradable Locked Liquidity: Your tokens are transparently locked into your CryptoBond NFT, which you can sell on an NFT market like Rarible or OpenSea at any time – and the rarity of the artwork may even add value

  • DeFi Lending Collateral: Use your CryptoBonds as collateral in SYNC Network’s P2P lending platform, which allows you to get even more financial flexibility with your locked liquidity

  • Reap What You Sow: Maturate your CryptoBond after the maturity date to mint SYNC rewards, collect included tokens and liquidity provider fees, and finally burn the CryptoBond in this process

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