RainMaker: Referral System

Earn 20% of the marketplace fees whenever a referred user trades. Forever. Fully automated.
We take community first seriously by sharing our marketplace trading fees with the community. So how does that work?
With NeonRain's revolutionary referral system, we've created a new way for our users to earn crypto. Your NeonRain profile link will act as a referral link, and you'll receive 20% of the 2% marketplace fees whenever a referred user trades. Forever. Fully automated and built into our Smart Contract. NeonRain will drop rewards into your wallet instantly upon trade.

Share Your Profile and Earn Rewards

It's super simple to participate! Once you are on the NeonRain website, you'll only need these three steps:
  1. 1.
    Connect your wallet
  2. 2.
    Setup your profile
  3. 3.
    Share your profile
For each new user visiting NeonRain and making a trade, our Smart Contract will know that you've referred that user. So for every future trade by this user, you'll get 20% of the trading fees directly dropped into your wallet in real-time.

How to Get the Maximum

The way the system is built, there's no theoretical maximum. The more new users you refer, the more you'll earn every time they trade. Imagine you refer a well-known big collector or many new users; that will make it rain for you. Follow these tips to maximize your profit:
As a community leader
As a project founder
As an artist
As a collector